L'etape Leg Warmers


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L'etape Leg Warmers

L'etape Leg Warmers 


The L'etape Leg Warmers are using a special cycling-oriented fabric named LOMBARDIA™ (as you can figure by the name).


The LOMBARDIA™ fabric unique technology enables it to be warmer, yet very breathable, enabling excellent re-entry stretch. 


The L'etape Leg Warmers are lined with fleece, ideal for autumn / winter rides as it offer your legs warmth and protection from the elements and wind chill. Further, they offer excellent flexibility and softness combined with a super comfortable close-fitting cut, so the performance will also feel good on the skin and muscles. 

For extra fit and comfort, the panels are anatomically shaped and silicon grippers keep the warmers in place.

To keep it simple:

Warmth+comfort = better performance.

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