L'etape Gilet


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L'etape Gilet

Waterproof, Windproof and Stylish 

The L'etape Gilet was designed to give you the ultimate performance while still being functional and stylish.

We know it is common for the weather to change during a ride, thus, it was important for us to make the L'etape Gilet very functional.

Besides the fact that the L'etape Gilet can be easily taken off and rolled into your jersey's rear pocket, it is also full with fabric technology. It features an ultra soft and elastic Polyurethane membrane, exclusive to L'etape, making it water resistent and windproof.

The L'etape Gilet is extremely breathable, enabling sweat to evaporate easily, leaving you dry and warm.


To keep fit and snug, the L'etape Gilet features internal silicone elastic bands and a special CAMLOCK™ zipper for easy opening and keeping the rain out.


You've seen the design, you've read about the tech, you know the price, do we really need to write any longer?  


Enjoy your new Gilet and don't forget to share your pictures with us! 

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