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There are new gust wings at L'etape, we are proud to bring you the Early Birds kit.

Unlike previous kits, that were focused on traditions and nostalgia of the Road Cycling sport, this time we designed a kit that honors the "hidden" heros of the sport of Road Cycling. They are the Early Birds.

The Early Birds are riders like you and us. Riders that are ready to make sacrifices and commitments to their bike and sport, to wake up on 4am on a weekend, just so they can have that 100km ride, the coffee, and be back on time to spend time with the family.
Riders that find that 1.5 hours training block during weekdays, prior to their work day, meaning waking up to dark skies and freezing temperatures.

We salute the love to cycling, the dedication and sacrifice, this kit is our praise to all of you, the Early Birds.

- 3 external cargo pockets on the back.

- Unique fabric for instant drying, excellent stretch and tight fitting.

- Extreme cycling position anatomic cut, Slim-fit side panels.

- Elastic silicone gripper on shirt edge.

- Clean look shoulder construction for comfort and aerodynamics

-  PGE silicone ends for a super tight-fitting.

- Covered full-length quality zipper.

- Extremely breathable fabrics.

- Flat stitch

- Slim and compressed fit for smooth aerodynamics, legs support and stimulation of the muscles.

- Flat lock stitching for maximum strength.

- Our Gel layer pad is the new super resistant chamois pad created for demanding rides of over 7 hours. High-density foam has being carefully inserted in the special pelvic area. A raised surface has been designed in a strategic position, allowing a natural rotation of the pelvic bones for additional support and comfort on the saddle. G-layer pad is evolution of HP GEL, ventilation holes are distributed in areas with more moisture. Increases sweat absorption and natural breathability while providing bacteriostatic control.

- Mobile/radio-pocket on mesh bibs.

- Power-Lycra textile, tight next to skin fitting, excellent muscles as blood stimulation for belter performance.  

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